Make sure to get involved in primary

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By Molly Haines

In the coming days and weeks, the pages of the News-Herald will be filled with election stories, campaign advertisements and letters from you, voicing your concerns on the upcoming May primary election.

There is no doubt that election time is an exciting time for everyone involved, even the average citizen.

In the small, country stores scattered throughout Owen County, many people are likely to sit and discuss the latest primary election gossip over a cup of coffee or a Coke. Some people will argue and some people may even say they’re not concerned with county government.

Without those opinions and different points of view that each citizen takes, I’d venture to guess that the world would be a pretty dull place for us all.

Luckily for those who seek answers to their questions, they now have an outlet for voicing their opinion or concerns to some of the highest elected officials in Owen County.

The first Owen County Fiscal Court workshop was held Jan. 26. The people who attended were able to discuss issues such as water with their magistrates and Owen County Judge-executive Carolyn Keith.

During the second workshop, held Feb. 23, a great discussion led by David Morgan, a member of Leadership Owen County, was held that triggered several different smaller discussions concerning tourism in Owen County.

Other issues, such as private roads and an update from Kentucky Ridge Country Communications, were discussed.

While sitting through this meeting taking notes, I noticed that no one seemed reluctant to ask questions of Judge Keith or the magistrates and many people took part in discussions in one way or another.

As the primary election looms closer, it’s nice to see so many coming out to participate and ask questions of their elected officials.

In his 1961 presidential inauguration speech, John F. Kennedy challenged Americans to “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

I think that’s a challenge that everyone should be willing to take on over the next few months. Stand up and seek answers from your local officials and those seeking office. When deciding who you will cast your vote for, think of the county as a whole instead of one community or who’s best for you and you only. Instead of voting for someone simply because you’ve known them their whole life or have ties to their family, vote for the candidates who would be willing to make the changes that you feel are necessary in building a brighter future for Owen County.

I would encourage everyone to take the time to attend a fiscal court workshop. Not only are they held in a laid-back environment, but they are very informative and most important of all, they are held for the citizens of Owen County.

The next fiscal court workshop will be at 6 p.m. March 23 in the courthouse.