Machine malfunctions in Owenton Inc. precinct

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By John Whitlock

A malfunctioning machine may have triggered a slight delay for some voters in the Owenton Incorporated precinct.

Owen County Clerk Joan Kincaid said the e-scan machine at the Owenton Inc. precinct was jammed and not taking additional ballots.

As per state law, Kincaid contacted Owen County Circuit Judge Stephen Bates in order to fix the problem and retrieve the ballots that had already been cast.

After Bates signed an injunction, the machine was replaced and members of the Owen County Board of Elections were called in to recast the ballots that were already in the malfunctioning machine.

“We made sure the counter was set to zero and started running the ballots back through,” Kincaid said.

The procedure to replace the machine and re-enter the ballots went smoothly, Kincaid said.

“From the time we discovered the problem until it was fixed was only about 45 minutes to an hour,” Kincaid said.

It was the first time Kincaid could remember ever having to replace a voting machine on Election Day.