Looking Back | Jan. 11, 2017

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Jan. 11, 2012
5 years ago
Group steps in to help meet the needs

The holidays may be over, but members of Monterey Baptist Church hope to keep the season of giving alive throughout the upcoming weeks.
During a planning meeting this past fall, Marsha Derringer came up with the idea of the 12 Weeks of Christmas for Meeting the Needs. Meeting the Needs, a ministry that started in 2005, is a faith-based, non-profit organization. Volunteers from local churches help families who are in crisis with food, clothing and other emergency situations.
“I thought, ‘We have the 12 days of Christmas, why not have the 12 weeks of Christmas and donate a different food item each week?’,” Derringer said. “Everyone at the planning meeting thought it was a good idea, so we put an insert in the bulletin and the food items started coming in.”
Deaths: Rachel Littrell Cannon, 90; Wilma Davis, 74; Dorothy Millanix, 80; Melissa Rae Smith-O’Nan, 40; Carol Ann Perkins Stewart, 53; Anna Stuard, 64

Jan. 10, 2007
10 years ago
Chandler-Lester serves her first day as first female judge on the 15th District

When Elizabeth Chandler Lester slipped into her robe Monday morning, it was in a role she’d never been in before.
Jan. 8 was Lester’s first day on the bench as a district judge. She is the first female elected in the 15th Judicial District, which covers Grant, Owen and Carroll counties.
“I think there’ll be a lot of eyes focused on me, more so because of how the election was than because I’m a woman,” said the petite, soft-spoken blonde, prior to putting on her robe and taking her place on the dais at the front of the courtroom.
Lester, a native of Grant County, said she wanted to be a lawyer from the time she was 11 years old when she read “The Defense Never Rests” by famous defense attorney F. Lee Bailey.
Deaths: Mary Humphrey, 78; Roy T. Miles, 85; Frances Rose, 75; Beverly Simpson, 65

Jan. 8, 1992
25 years ago
Owenton Manor Excels On Community Support

For the eighth consecutive year, an Owen County nursing home has received the state’s highest rating for its long-term patient care.
Officials with Kentucky’s Cabinet for Human Resources announced last week that Owenton Manor received superior rating for its nursing facility and personal care units.
Owenton Manor Administrator Bernie Poe said that while he was pleased with the state’s report, he believes further improving the facility remains a top priority.
“We are happy about the announce but it’s important to point out that these are just minimum standards set by the state…we’re not satisfied with just that,” said Poe, “There are many times I walk the floors in here and see the many areas we still need to improve.’
Deaths: Marinda Hensley, 90; Eugene Moore, 44; Dura Ford Perry, 100; Beatrice Haight; Russell Calvert, 78; Lonnie Davis, 37

Jan. 12, 1967
50 years ago
Vietnam Veteran Visits Glencoe Grandparents

Marine Corporal Kenney Niebergall, a Vietnam veteran of 10 months duty with the 3rd Marines, recently visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Kenney of Glencoe.
Corp. Niebergall was wounded at Da Nang November 9 and subsequently sent to the Great Lakes hospital, near Chicago, where he returned when his holiday leave terminated.
The Marine has been awarded the Purple Heart and a South Vietnamese citation.
Deaths: Perry McComas, 79; Robert S. Garvey, 76