Local author unleashes ‘Guardian’ on public

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By Molly Haines

Owen County resident Melissa Petreshock had always dreamed of writing a novel. Now that her dream has finally come true, others in the county are taking notice.

Petreshock will be at the Owen County Public Library from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Oct. 29 for a book signing of her debut novel, “Awakening of a Guardian.”

Petreshock said her novel was self-published Aug. 27.

The young-adult novel revolves around a teenage girl named Elyssia Masters.

“Elyssia is about to turn 17 in the novel,” Petreshock said. “She starts falling for a new guy at school, Jackson, who is an Australian transfer student. Elyssia discovers that she can read minds and that she’s not exactly an average human being.”

Petreshock said readers who are fans of the Twilight series should enjoy “Awaking of a Guardian.”

The novel is based on a short story she wrote in middle school, Petreshock said.

“Writing a novel has always been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember,” Petreshock said. “Now that I’m staying at home, I have more time to sit down and write. I’m currently working on a sequel to ‘Awakening of a Guardian.’ ”

Petreshock said coming up with ideas for a novel is not something that is planned out.

“Most writers I know just happen upon ideas,” Petreshock said. “I sit down at the computer and write those first few lines and the rest just comes to me. There’s really no exact formula for writing a book.”

Petreshock said she lets the characters lead the way.

“Once I come up with my characters and write more about them, the more I learn about them,” Petreshock said. “Some of my characters have similar characteristics of people I know and sometimes I steal names from family members, but all of the main characters in this book are characters I came up with on my own.”

Petreshock said “Awakening of a Guardian “can be found at www.amazon.com but will be sold at a discounted price of $12 during the book signing.

Fans of Petreshock can find her online at www.melissapetreshockwrites.blogspot.com as well as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Petreshock said “Awakening of a Guardian “can also be purchased through links on her Web site.