Local agencies recognizing National Public Safety Week

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By The Staff

It only takes a moment for an injury to happen — a fall on a stair, a moment’s glance away from the road, a biking or sports-related injury, a medication mix-up. But it also takes just a moment to protect against injuries and make communities safer.
In recognition of National Public Health Week, Three Rivers District Health Department, Owen County Health Center, wants to remind the public that “Safety Is No Accident.”
Here are some ways that Owen County Health Center is helping the community stay safe:
• Teaching HANDS clients about safe and healthy environments for children,
• Providing and installing safety seats for infants and children as well as encouraging parents to “buckle up,”
• Educating senior citizens on fall prevention,
• Informing the public on poison-control measures and distributing the poison-control center number, (800) 222-1222,
• Teaching CPR,
• Inspecting restaurants to ensure safe foods,
• Inspecting public pools,
• Counseling on importance of helmet and protective gear use,
• Informing the public about the dangers of sleeping with children,
• Counseling on the need to have and maintain smoke detectors, carbon monoxide and radon detectors.
Three Rivers District Health Department, Owen County Health Center, wishes everyone a safe and fun summer.