Living to the fullest

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Active and energetic at 98, Lucy Smoot Hall says she wouldn’t change a thing

By Molly Haines

In 1912, New Mexico and Arizona were admitted as the 47th and 48th states; the British ocean liner RMS Titanic sank in the freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean; Woodrow Wilson was elected 28th President of the United States; and on July 30, Lucy Smoot Hall was born in Owen County.

Saturday, Hall will gather with friends and family at the Owen County Extension Building to celebrate her 98 years of life.

“I’m proud to have been able to live this long,” Hall said. “The Lord has really blessed me all these years.”

Hall has seen a lot changes over the years but enjoys the way things are now.

“I wouldn’t change anything,” Hall said. “I maybe wish I had been married a little sooner and maybe had a family of my own, but it’s too late to change that now.”

Hall said she still drives and enjoys visiting with her friends and neighbors.

“I like to garden,” Hall said. “I’ve picked three messes of green beans so far this year. Up until the last couple of years I mowed my own grass but I stay off the lawn mower now and I still cook a lot.”

Hall said she has spent the majority of her life in Owen County.

“I lived in Frankfort when I worked,” Hall said. “I lived there for 22 years and then when I retired I moved back to Owen County. I was born and raised here.”

Hall said when she turned 97 in 2009 she received about 35 birthday cards.

“I’d just like to thank everybody for everything they’ve done for me,” Hall said. “We tried to invite everyone we could to come to my party Saturday – all my friends and neighbors. We’ll have food and music and everyone can visit.”

Hall said she couldn’t think of any advice for younger generations on living a long, healthy life.

“When you get old you forget a lot of things and everybody wants to hug and kiss on me,” Hall said laughing. “I’ve just enjoyed myself, that’s all.”