Letters on wet/dry issue: Judge-executive says voters should make informed decision

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I hope all registered voters go to the polls and vote on July 26. This is a privilege that a majority of the world’s population does not enjoy. This freedom and many others have come at a great price to those who have served our country and protected our democracy. It is my hope that we will respect each other during this time of voting.
I would like to let the voters know what I have discovered in speaking with county judges in rural counties across the state that have gone wet. Most tell me that for the first few years it is a great cost to fiscal courts. There is not a local tax on the sale of alcohol. The establishments must be regulated and there will be additional enforcement costs to the fiscal court. We do not have a fourth-class city in our county and can not charge a percentage of gross sales toward control and regulation of businesses that sell alcoholic beverages.
As a voter, you must make your own decision and go vote. It is my prayer that we strive to make this county a safer and cleaner place to live — a place where community matters.

Carolyn Keith
Owen County Judge-executive