Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Tax money should stay in the community where they are collected

I am really mad about the tax put on our taxes for the fire department. I do not mind donating to my fire department here at New Liberty, but I don’t want my money given to the other fire departments. Each department has a certain territory and I feel the people in each area should take care of their own fire department. That $35 (local government)  put on my taxes will only give New Liberty $7.

Maybe we need to throw out all our officials and start over if this is the best they can do.

Georgia Bartram

Dairy Queen will be missed by the community


We are sorry to see the Dairy Queen go. The breakfast was good – not out of a warming tray. The other meals were also good, always hot. And the parking was fantastic compared to what is available at (other restaurants).

We want to thank Doug and Letitia for the non-smoking section incorporated after McDonald’s opened. It made a big difference to us.

This is not the only local restaurant to go under in the five years we have been living in Owenton. The Owenton Pizza had good food and fast service, they too fell by the wayside. It is sad to see the local friendly places go.

We wish Doug and Letitia Lubbe the best of luck.

Howard and Jeannette Toms

Golf tournament was the most successful ever

The 2009 golf tournament was held Aug. 31 with 75 players in attendance – a total of 19 teams. The total collected to date equals $10,350.

After paying the green fees and fees for carts, the net proceeds are $8,805.

The winning teams were: first-place, AT&T team; second-place, Carroll County Deputy Travis Price team; and third-place, McDonald’s team.

The Owen County Sheriff’s Office would like to personally thank everyone who sponsored a hole, sponsored a team, and gave donations in this year’s golf scramble.

Thanks to everyone involved, this has been the most successful year yet.

Owen County Sheriff’s Office

Set aside time to understand the Constitution this week

Constitution Week, Sept. 17-23, commemorates the signing of the Constitution of the United States. It is the oldest Constitution still in active use in the world today and is the basic document of our republic, which protects individual liberties of all citizens through written law.  

We often hear citizens proclaim, “That’s unconstitutional” or “That’s my constitutional right!”  Many times Americans believe that sayings and phrases are in our Constitution, but they really aren’t.  For instance, the phrases “separation of church and state” and “innocent until proven guilty” do not appear anywhere in the Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson had written that the First Amendment to the Constitution erected a “wall of separation” between the church and the state. The phrases “innocent until proven guilty” and “presumption of innocence” are derived from English law.

Today, they are part of our system and considered common law. 

I would urge each American citizen to carefully read the Constitution of the United States including all of its Amendments during Constitution Week, Sept. 17-23.

Peggy Trinkle, Regent

John Guill Chapter, NSDAR