Letter on wet/dry issue: Stay dry and be safer

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It’s been with great interest I’ve followed the letters and comments about the issue of voting our county wet.
I’ve been a proud Owen countian for some 45 years. I’ve considered most of the people here caring folks who want only the best for their neighbors. I’m no longer sure of that.
Our thinking has become selfish and unbalanced. Money seems to be all many people care about — the taxes we can collect from the sale of alcohol.
Let’s take a moment to balance the scales. Will the taxes we collect pay to hire extra police, gas to haul all the drunks to the jail in Carrollton, trips to the ER from the fights in the street, private homes and bars? Will it pay for the widows and orphans left by drunk drivers? What about those crippled for life, who need constant care? What about rising insurance rates for care and resident damage?
Every month, different agencies give out free food to hundreds of families who have no job or can’t afford food. Will the taxes buy more food for those foolish enough to use their limited income to purchase alcohol instead of feeding their families?
Alcohol is too close and too easily obtained as it is. We have serious drug problems in our county, do we need to add alcohol to them?
There are over 15 million people addicted to alcohol in the United States. In the U.S., 6.6 million children live with at least one alcoholic parent.
Excessive drinking costs approximately $185 billion each year in health-care and criminal-justice expenses in our country.
Have you ever seen a baby born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder?
Spend a Saturday night at the hospital in our neighboring counties that sell alcohol.
Do we want this for our lovely county?
Yes, alcohol is a choice, harder for some to say no to then others. Let’s help them to make the right choice by at least having further to go get it. Keep our county dry and our people safer.
No taxes we may gain will be worth the price we will pay if our county votes wet.
Shirley Jones