Letter to the editor: Working together is the way to get things done

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When I announced to run for Congress, the Owenton News-Herald asked me what I was going to bring back to our area from Washington. I replied that there was too much Washington here already. I said that what we needed was less of Washington D.C. here, and more of who we are there.  And I would like to bring to your attention and applaud one example of that.
I would like to congratulate and thank State Rep. Royce Adams and State Senator Damon Thayer for working together, across party lines, to get things done for us in Frankfort.
People have every right to be upset with gridlock, and one thing we have here and need more of in Washington is good people coming together to get things done.
Last year during the NASCAR race at the Kentucky Speedway, there was an opportunity for many local residents to accomplish good things that would reflect well on our area and be a boost to our local economy, except that there was an old piece of legislation and a host of regulations enacted under it which stood in the way.
I discovered that local residents were prohibited by these laws and burdensome regulations from offering people coming into our area the chance to park their RVs on private property.
This made no sense to me.
Letting people park RVs temporarily on private property would have helped eliminate some of the parking problems at the track, would have given visitors to our area a chance to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of our community, introduced people from faraway places to our local hospitality and allowed honest citizens to make a few honest dollars in connection with the crown jewel of local events that comes here once a year.
I met with Owen County Judge-executive Carolyn Keith and Owen County Attorney Josh Smith. Together, we tried to find a solution to the problem, but they too were constrained by government regulation.
So I proposed a bill, it was sponsored by Royce Adams in the Kentucky House of Representatives and assisted by Damon Thayer in the Senate to get these regulations off of our backs.  
One day, I called Adams on his official Frankfort phone line just to check on the progress of the bill. The secretary told me he was in session and would have to get back to me.  
Ten minutes later, Royce called me from his cell phone, apologized for taking so long to get back to me (10 minutes) and said he was on the House floor but stepped outside to return my call.
Now that’s the kind of thing I was talking about when I said we needed to take more of what we have here to Washington.
Senator Thayer called me at home after hours on numerous occasions to keep me up to date on the progress of the bill.
He detailed for me how he had to find a way to work out the language so that it could get passed then signed by the Governor.
Now that’s the kind of hard work and dedication I was talking about when I said we needed to take more of what we have here to Washington D.C.
The bill was passed (HB 123) and signed by the Governor on April 11.  
It was all due to the skill, dedication and community concern of Royce Adams and Damon Thayer and with the support of Judge Keith and the help of County Attorney Josh Smith.  Now the citizens and our county officials are relieved of burdensome regulations which stood in the way of local prosperity.
Thank you, Royce.  
Thank you, Damon.
Thank you, Carolyn.
Thank you, Josh.  

Working together, without regard for partisanship. is just one lesson of how we get things done in our community that I would be honored to take to Washington D.C, to be the voice of reason for the good people here, way up there.  
Lord knows they need it.

Marc Carey