Letter to the Editor: Will rose thief enjoy flowers?

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By The Staff

I planted knockout roses on the graves of my parents, grandparents and late husband last year. I visited their graves at the first of the month to see how they were doing and to trim them up a bit.

Imagine my surprise when I went to decorate my loved ones’ graves this weekend and found one of them had been dug up, the hole filled and leaves spread over the now vacant spot where it once stood.

Did you think I wouldn’t notice that I was missing one rose?

Did you, perhaps think it might grow better in your yard and rescued it.

I know times are tough but to steal from the dead is hitting a new low. If you needed a rose that badly, I would have bought you one. My name was right on the tombstone sans date of death.

You have taken a loving gift in memory of the deceased who rests in the Monterey Cemetery. I am hurt by your actions and I hope you get no pleasure out of your thoughtless act.

Rosemary Howard