Letter to the Editor: What are we the people going to do?

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The Pledge of Allegiance to the United States’ flag is made “to the republic for which it stands.”
That flag represents a republic, not a democracy, not a dictatorship, and certainly not a world intrusive world empire which we have become. Progressive, Marxism (highly controlling) governments offer us nothing but hunger, torture, oppression, death and tyranny. The new world order, so highly praised by Obama, has made our nation of the sheep or as USSR Joe Stalin put it “useful idiots.”
When the all-important common people are the all-important center of society, you have a republic. When the government power, conquest and the interests of a few ruling elite become the center of society, then society has degraded and collapsed into an empire of dictators. This is now where we find ourselves as a nation — a slow rot which began when Obama took power.
Don’t be surprised that you’re getting the same old results when Democrats are in charge. They win. You lose.
What are “we the people,” not the government, going to do about it?
Mickey Price