Letter to the editor: Voting yourself more money drastic measure?

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The Owen County School Board should not raise property taxes.  
Our schools will have to make due with less money like everyone else in Owen County.  The easy way out for the superintendent is to ask that taxes be raised, (Let the citizens of our community who are struggling for every dime in this Obama recession find a way to get by) rather than face what he proposes we all do – cutting our budgets.  
This request might not have gotten under my skin so much if the superintendent had shown some moderation or restraint and requested maybe a 1 or 2 percent increase, but no, we must take the maximum amount possible without putting it to a vote.
From what we hear firsthand and in the news, lots of quality college graduates are failing to find jobs in this economy.  I wouldn’t doubt that good teachers are out there willing to work for much less than some of our higher paid faculty. They might even be more energetic, optimistic, and inspiring.
This may be an extreme example but ‘drastic times’ call for tough decisions.  
Find a way to make ends meet.
Mr. Superintendent and members of the school board: Do what needs to be done, Do what the good folks of Owen do – work harder, work smarter, and fight to survive.

Kyle Martin