Letter to the editor: Unite in prayer and meditation for World Peace Day

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By The Staff

World Peace Day is a global event celebrated at noon Greenwich Mean Time or 7 a.m. EST on the last day of each year.

At this time, people the world over gather together for an hour of prayer and meditation for world peace.

Stop for a moment and think how profound this really is. People the world over set aside personal issues and step into the moment, coming together to be of one mind, of one place, of one time, aware that as they combine their thoughts and energies, they create opportunities for positive changes to manifest in the world.

People who are very different and unique and yet, people who are very much like ourselves.

For despite superficial differences of language, of culture, of wealth or of social standing, they all desire to bring peace, harmony and healing to the planet on which we all dwell. People of like minds, willing to contribute their energy toward a common goal of world peace.

This is historic. Never before World Peace Day in our known recorded histories of humankind has such an event taken place. Never before have people throughout the known world consciously chosen to unite in this way for a common goal.

From the larger picture, this can be looked at as a pivotal development in the progress of humanity. For I believe that history, many centuries from now, will point to this event as the birth of our realization of the true power we can manifest through cooperative prayer and meditation, combining the energy of each to create opportunities for a divine change to manifest all over the planet.

The people of Owen County can be part of all this. You already have your ticket. The seating for this event is Planet Earth and everyone is invited.

It’s time we realize the power in prayer. Over a billion people worldwide united in prayer will become a phenomenal force for change.

Since the first World Peace Day in 1986, many changes have happened but there’s still much work to be do. This is a calling for everyone who wishes to change the world in a a more peaceful and love-filled planet.

I ask you for your energy, prayers and blessings that will circle the atmosphere of our planet and make this the biggest power for good ever witnessed. Wherever you are, you will have a front-row seat.

May the blessings be.

Nancy Gaston