Letter to the editor: Tough times demand action by the people

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By The Staff

Times are tough. Times have always been tough. That’s never changed. For generations we get politicians time and time again telling us how they are going to make things better for us. But when you look at Kentucky’s statistics, it makes you want to pull your hair out. We are bottom of the list in America for education, health care, and wealth.

We are No. 1 for fastest growing prisons; we are No. 1 for tooth decay; and we are No. 1 for cancer deaths. Our people are dying of cancer, our teeth are falling out, and our health is the ninth worst in America; yet we still have Rand Paul types advocating against universal health care.

Wealthy corporate business interests are heavily represented in Frankfort. Working people are not.

Working families need equal opportunities so they have the chance to get a good career, a house, a dog, a spouse, a yard, and a picket fence with a two-car garage. That’s the American Dream.

Firing teachers is not the direction we need to go. It’s time for change. It’s time for revolution.

Johnny Masters