Letter to the Editor: Those who work with youth deserve community praise

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By The Staff

I would like to ask other Owen countians to join me in offering a word of praise and thanks to a remarkable group of youth and their leaders. I regret that I do not have a list of all their names.

On the evening of July 21, Patti Clark and several youth traveled to Northern Kentucky University to receive an award. The Owen County Teen Alcohol Prevention Project (TAPP) was named the Robert Straus Community Group of the Year for outstanding contribution to substance abuse prevention practice in Kentucky. What an honor to receive statewide recognition for the hard work of community adults and youth over the past three years.

Three of these youth – Mary Kennedy, Emily Clark, and Mariah Derringer – have led conferences about media literacy and advocacy, and they have stressed giving youth a voice in the issues that are important to them. Many other young leaders are involved as well. When you see Patti or any of the three youth mentioned, thank them for their work, but also find out the names of others so that you might encourage and show appreciation. Way to go, TAPP family.


Anna Cook

New Liberty