Letter to the editor: Think and pray about alcohol issue

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Last week, our conscientious son-in-law was late to work for the second time in 20 years. This was because of a wreck on Interstate 24 near Nashville, Tenn.
It turned out that one lady had a flat tire on that interstate. Her 13-year-old boy was with her. He, being a Boy Scout, got out to change the tire.
A second lady came speeding past.
Unfortunately, the second lady was allegedly under thee influence. The influence drove her to run into the 13-year-old scout at the side of the road.
He died before anyone could save his life at the hospital.
It was about 1:30 p.m. CST.
This is one more reason why I hate alcoholic beverages. They can turn mothers into murderers. The second lady had two children also. Tragically, she was last announced as in jail without bond.
Some people, no doubt, some time ago voted to make alcohol purchases convent for the sake of some tax dollars supposedly and for those who crave cash.
Somehow, all that profit won’t restore the 13-year-old Scout.
Ill gotten dollars will not return the ill-advised mother of two to her family.
Such tragedies as these must be why Owen County was voted dry after it had been wet.
Read this, pray and think please
Martha McGibney