Letter to the editor: There are better uses of tax money than a wet/dry vote

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I’ve been reading God’s word for about 40 years and studying deeply for half that time.
I have heard it said many times that Jesus turned water into wine. That’s true, he did. But I would like to say that he did not give alcoholic drinks to the people at the wedding and feast.
If you really know our savior, Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for each of us, because he was and is the only perfect sacrifice – you would know that is not the character of Jesus Christ.
He expelled demons from people who were possessed. Why would he intoxicate the minds of people with a spirit that is not of his spirit? The water was just turned into wine at that moment. It was new wine, no time to ferment. Even at the Last Supper he would not give out alcohol. It was wine, but unfermented.
As Jesus once said, “Let us not be deceived.”
I will be straightforward about it, it is a conflict of interest to promote the sale of alcohol and fight to stop drugs. Yes it is.
Five, 10 or 20 years from now,  who is going to be buying this alcohol? Our kids that we love so much who are in school now.
We the taxpayers have already spent $23,000 on this wet/dry vote. And now we are going to spend another $23,000. Aren’t there better things to spend our money on?
I am told that there are people in our county that need food to live on. We have wounded warriors in this nation who have lost arms and legs and more. They have fought for freedom to help people have freedom.
How many Toys for Tots and meals would $41,000 buy?
I ask the people of Owen County to take a stand and do what is morally right in the eyes of God.
That is what I will pray for and I will pray every day that this goes in the right direction.

Rodney Walls