Letter to the Editor: Tactics reflect on candidates

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As a registered voter in Owen County for over 45 years, I’m very upset and disappointed with the manner in which the candidates are conducting their campaigns. Why is it they think they have to belittle and attack their opponents in any way possible? The candidates should be able to run on their own merit without having to take down their opponents. When I consider who I’ll cast my vote for, I want to know the candidate’s stand on the issues, not what the candidate can dig up about his/her opponent. It’s time the candidates focus on the local issues, concentrate on their own value and principles, and how if elected, they will work for the citizens of Owen County and promote Owen County to the fullest.  
My son is running for an elected office in another county and there,  campaigning is more on the issues related to the county, not against their opponent. I think the candidates in Owen County could learn something from this manner of campaigning.

Patti Parker Gaines
Owen County