Letter to the editor: Sunday alcohol sales won’t benefit public

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It has come to my attention that once again a new law has been passed to take away our right as citizens to vote on a very important issue - that being alcohol sales in our county.
Several years ago, we voted as a county to keep our county dry. A new law has been passed saying it’s no longer left to us to vote on this issue but our leaders, our county judge-executive and magistrates.
With due respect, are the citizens of Owen County capable to decide by vote whether we want our county wet or dry?
For the most part, Owen County is a great place to live and raise our children.
Will alcohol improve that?
Aren’t our police departments doing enough to pick up the pieces of broken lives caused by alcohol sales from other counties?
We have enough problems with drugs don’t we? By all means, let’s add to the problem of accidents, broken homes, abused families, rape, murder and mayhem by allowing (more) alcohol in our county.
If you desire to keep Owen County dry, take a stand. Talk to your magistrates and ask them to vote what is best for the county (and) vote no on expanding alcohol sales.
Should less than 10 people have the power to choose such an important issue and change the law that has been working well for years. This is a question that the citizens should decide - not our elected leaders.
Keep our county dry.
Shirley Jones