Letter to the editor: Special thanks to hard-working school custodial staff

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We are writing this letter to publicly thank the custodial staff of the Owen County School District for their dedication and faithful service to our schools and this community.
On Jan. 3,  the new Maurice Bowling Middle School opened to serve students. This was due to a lot of effort from many people, but this could not have happened without the custodial staff of this district.
They worked throughout the entire Christmas break to ensure we could open our doors on the first day of school. The weather did not cooperate in this effort either. It was snowy, cold and then it even rained, but they found a way to get this monumental task accomplished.
We want to thank the other buildings for allowing their staff to assist us. I am sure some of the things that they would have done in their buildings were put on hold to see to this task. Thank you to those principals.
So to the custodial staff of Owen County School District, thank you not only for giving up time with your family over Christmas, but for what you do for us everyday.
We do not wish to leave anyone out when we say thank-you; there are many others, but these individuals were a huge part in why we are operating in the new Maurice Bowling Middle School.

MBMS faculty and staff