Letter to the Editor: Senior citizens center is in good hands

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By The Staff

I was so glad when I read that Mrs. McBurney got the renting of the senior center building stopped. The people who forced this action should be ashamed of themselves, making the public pay for their orneriness. Cleaning up your mess and putting your toys away used to be a rule most people followed.

The renting out of this building was a good idea for a long time. Adults and children had a good place in town for club meetings, family gatherings and such, until some people stopped appreciating a good thing. Down through the years, interested citizens and center managers have worked hard to make this building a clean and enjoyable place for its seniors to gather.

Mrs. McBurney is carrying on a vision and tradition of former managers, looking out for the senior citizens and their surroundings and making a good place a better place. Good job, Lisa. Way to go.

Berta Gayle

New Liberty