Letter to the editor: School board should respond to needs of the students

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By The Staff

We had 6,000 students drop out of our schools in 2008 and I have no doubt that ’09 will be just as high.

The state wonders what to do about our high dropout rate when all they need is to look at their local school boards. Our local boards punish good students and force them to drop out. As a parent of three, I had to fight tooth and nail to get my oldest to school, but I did it. Now, I have one left, my youngest, who really likes school but has a heart condition.

In 2006, he spent 33 days in a children’s hospital and almost died, yet he is a junior this year with a 3.5 GPA. Because of his illness, he is sick a lot but he still does good in school. Now, they are hauling him into juvenile court as a truant when he is 17 and can drop out any time. He will be 18 in June and I want to know how I am supposed to get him to go back next year? Our school board and our school personnel do not know what they are doing and that is where the state needs to look to see why the dropout rate is so high.

Ernest Robinson