Letter to the editor: Rotary recognizes heroes during crisis

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Starting Jan. 5, Owen County was faced with extreme cold temperatures which caused some major waterline breaks that affected the county’s public water system.
The extreme temperature made it very difficult to isolate, locate and repair the breaks. The obstacles at hand caused the repair time and the loss of water currently in the infrastructure of the water system to be much greater then normal.
The county was faced with almost a complete depletion of water and had entered into a crisis situation.
The Owenton Rotary Club would like to express great gratitude to everyone that was involved in making an emergency situation bearable.
We would like to thank all Owen County volunteer fire departments, fire chiefs, assistant fire chiefs and volunteer firefighters that were involved. We would like to thank all the churches, civic organizations and businesses for their donation, time and support. Thank you to the local governments of the surrounding counties for their fire protection.
We would like to thank our State Representative, Ryan Quarles, State Senator Julian Carroll, Owenton City Council, Owen County Fiscal Court, City of Owenton employees and Owen County employees.
Also,  thank you to the public for your understanding and patience during this time.
Thank you to Rick Morgan and David Lilly of the Owen County Emergency Services. Thank you to Dr. Georgia Heise, the district director of Three Rivers Health Department, along with Rachel Cobb and Justin Pittman in assuring that the hospital, nursing home and business were able to continue in operation.
Thank you to  Kentucky American Water for the planning and supervision of the task at hand.
The biggest thank you goes to the employees of Kentucky American Water who were outside in the cold, wet and were tired from repairing the broken lines. 
Finally, we would like to thank the families of Kentucky American Water Employees for their understanding and patience during the absences of their loved ones during this difficult time. Thanks again from the Owenton Rotary Club.
Members of the Owenton Rotary Club