Letter to the Editor: Proud to be an Owen County alum

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By The Staff

Last Friday, I attended the homecoming festivities of Owen County High School. Having graduated in 1967, it was good to go back and see some ‘old’ friends, particularly Larry Dale Perry and Irene Cook Perkins.

I watched with immense pride the crowning of my great niece as 2010 homecoming queen. Owen County is probably one of the few remaining counties where a young girl who shows big bulls for a hobby can still earn the title of homecoming queen.

Earlier, I watched as the parade proceeded down the rain-drenched path. It may have rained on their parade, but a little water certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the participants or the spectators. The rain felt so good, most people didn’t seek shelter. It was even hard to feel badly for the stunning queen candidates, who, despite their now damp hairdos, still smiled and waved at the crowd.

After a wonderful meal at the Smith House (thank God, some things never change), we proceeded to the football field. The sports complex and education complex are impressive. Most of the buildings appear to be well maintained and well designed. I immediately reminisced of my eighth grade when all the seventh and eighth grades began attending the first junior high located above the box-shaped old high school.

If I remember correctly, our class was also a part of the first football team. Volleyball and track were unheard of but we did have a great basketball team. Even then, there was a lot of pride for that team.

I was shocked by the turnout for the parade and the game. Does everyone in Owen County give up their Friday night TV to support their team? It appeared so.

Unable to quench my need for a sweet tea, I stopped on the way out of town and picked up a News Herald. It was great to read about the construction of new judicial building using the latest technology, a new updated library scheduled to be completed soon, and the event recently held to honor the veterans.      Owen County, you have come a long way. I felt a real sense of pride to come back and see how you are growing and taking care of your needs. This is one alumnus who is very proud to say “I graduated from Owen County High.”

I can’t wait for the Monterey Fair this weekend to see how that little town has progressed.

Mary Riddle Bailey