Letter to the editor: People can support alcohol sales while fighting drugs

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There are a few (very few) people in our community who seem to believe that alcohol is of the Devil and since everyone is entitled to their opinion, I’d like to take this opportunity to share mine.
I recently accepted a job as the general manager of Elk Creek Vineyards and I’ve been asked how I can “promote the sale of alcohol and  a drug-free Owen County.”
I understand that to some people it may seem to be a conflict of interest, so I’d like to begin by saying that I’m a southern Baptist Christian who believes that consuming alcohol in excess is a sin. I also believe that consuming food in excess is a sin (it’s called gluttony in the bible). That said, Jesus (my savior) turned water into wine and He served wine at the last supper, so I fully believe that consuming wine in moderation is perfectly acceptable in the eyes of God.
I’ve been very open about the fact that I will vote for Owen County to be a wet county if the city council and fiscal court will implement ordinances that will protest the best interest of our community (prohibiting strip clubs, regulating advertising, and such). I’m very passionate about promoting a drug free Owen County and encouraging education, prevention, and awareness about the disease of addiction. I believe that we have to teach our kids to live healthy lifestyles and prevent them from abusing any mind-altering substances. This upcoming election is so important for our community and I hope that you will all invest time in learning about all the candidates, asking them the hard questions that matter, and exercising your vote.
I love Owen County and all the people in it. I understand that we may have differences in opinions but at the end of the day I am fully invested this community and I hope to live here for the rest of my life. I would appreciate your prayers and support as I embark on this new career path and I hope that we can all work together to continue making Owen County a better place to live and work.
Shanna Osborne