Letter to the Editor: Owenton police chief endorses Steve Miller

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To the voters in the upcoming Owen County Sheriff’s Primary Election, I would like to take this opportunity to support the Republican candidate Steve Miller. I believe the number one problem facing our community is drugs and the crimes associated with it. Based upon discussions I have had with many Owen countians, I am certain the majority of you feel the same.
I encourage you to keep this in mind when you go to the voting booth and cast your vote for sheriff on May 20. Too many times we vote for popularity and not the most qualified candidate. Popularity will not solve the serious problems our community is facing. It will take hard work and dedication to make an impact on the challenges that we are being faced with. In choosing a candidate, the voter needs to be certain they are casting a vote for the candidate that will be willing to collaborate with other departments in an effort to effectively combat the problems this community is facing, now and in the future. The key to collaboration is a willingness to communicate with other departments. Often this trait is overlooked in a candidate. A combination of experience, intuition, professionalism and ethics are also traits a voter needs to look for in a candidate.
In addition, a candidate needs to have firsthand knowledge of the problems the community is facing. This only comes with the hands on experience through arrests and training with the department of criminal justice.
In the Republican primary for sheriff, one candidate stands out, and that is Steve Miller. He has worked for the Owenton Police Department for three years, and in that time, he has had numerous narcotics arrests, with a 100 percent conviction rate. He is a retired Kentucky State Trooper and has completed many hours of training in law enforcement. Additionally, he has demonstrated superb professionalism and ethics. Therefore, I am confident he would never tolerate or misrepresent unprofessionalism within his department.
On May 20, vote for Steve Miller, the Republican candidate for sheriff.

Terry W. Gentry
Owenton Police Chief