Letter to the editor: Owen County needs leaders with vision

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By The Staff

May 18 is a critical election for Owen County. With the loss of tobacco contracts and tobacco buyout funds ending with the terms of the leaders we elect, the economy and lifestyle of Owen County is changing. The question is, changing to what?

In the 20/20 Vision survey, Owen countians said they want the county to remain rural and agricultural. How do we do this and build a new economy at the same time? The candidates we elect on the 18th will have to face this problem. When we go to the polls, we need to know what their vision for Owen County’s future is. What are they going to do? What direction will they lead us? What will they fight for to take us forward, not let us fall further behind? You can ask these questions and many others of the candidates at the Candidate Forum on Thursday, May 13 at 7 p.m. in the OCHS auditorium.

I believe all the candidates will work to improve roads and water service. Also, I have talked to several candidates and none are in favor of zoning, despite what some of their opponents are saying.

For me, it is not enough to know what a candidate is against, I want to know what they are for – in other words, what is their vision?

The Owen County judge-executive and magistrates we elect on May 18 are the people who are supposed to be our leaders. As we go to the polls we need to ask ourselves which candidates will lead and which will just occupy the office. Owen County has amazing resources in its people, its land, its beauty and its history upon which we can build a bright and prosperous future. Let’s make sure we elect a visionary leadership team that will take us to that future.


David Morgan