Letter to the editor: Owen County is better because of adult education

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After reading the article in the paper last week, I decided I needed to write something to talk about how much the Adult Learning Center has meant to me and my family.
A few years ago, I went to the Adult Learning Center wanting to get my GED but feeling like I probably couldn’t do it.
When I went in there, the staff was so positive and made me feel like it was possible. To make a long story short, working with the adult-education staff, I did get my GED and I am now in college at NKU.
I guess the thing I want people to know is that people’s lives are changed by Adult Education. I can’t believe they are having so much trouble finding a permanent home. I would think there would be somebody in this community who has a better building they would be willing to give them to use.
Owen County is better because of programs like adult education and we should be supporting their work any way we can. It’s nice that the courthouse and library are helping with temporary space, but what about the long run?

Chrissy Jones