Letter to the editor: Oklahoma disaster reminds us all to be prepared

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The recent events in Oklahoma have shown the spirit of the community residents.
When people lose their home and are hurt or missing, people rush to the scene and send money or supplies to help strangers.  Watching on TV and the Internet, you see how people turn bad into good. The need for the community to be resilient is an ongoing subject throughout disasters. Planning for natural and man-made disasters is on the Internet and TV. You see plans for what items you should have ready in case of disaster and where you should go.  
There were tales of people surviving the destruction of their home in bathrooms and basements. Tales of being thrown around and hit with flying objects. There were tales of being trapped and the people of the community coming to their aid and digging them out.
So many times during our normal days we fail to take the time to check on our neighbors or to think about fixing a kit for 72 hours – three days of supplies for surviving a disaster.  
For more information you can go on the Internet at www.ready.gov, or search for survival preparedness. For more information on these subjects, visit your local library.
The Owen County Emergency Management wants all residents to be safe during the severe weather season and summer heat. We would also like to say a special thanks to the many volunteers who spend countless hours volunteering to help the residents of Owen County.

David Lilly
Owenton Fire Chief