Letter to the editor: Office looks for ways to better serve

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By Joan Kincaid

With the soaring cost of running state and county government offices, there are many cutbacks being made. Across Kentucky, the county clerk’s offices struggle to handle personnel, consumer services and operating costs into their working schedules, it sometimes becomes a decision between hours of service offered and the number of staff. Both state and county governments are searching for a solution to the dilemma.
For the past six years, the Owen County Clerk’s Office from morning to afternoon, five and a half days a week, have tried to ensure that our customers are getting what they want done and in a timely manner. However, as you know cutbacks have been done on state and county levels. There is no longer staff in place to assist clerks on Saturdays.
The customer service center with the Commonwealth Office of Technology is not equipped to handle AVIS/MVL business related questions. There is no help with computer/printer problems within our office on Saturday. As I understand it, due to lack of revenue some state positions have not been filled, hours have been limited, furlough days have been implemented and full-time positions cut back. These changes present challenges both on the state and county levels.
After several conversations about my Saturday problems and hearing people’s suggestions of solutions, I started praying about how to handle the Saturday hours. As you may know on Saturdays, we have had computer problems and you have had to return at a later date to get your work finished (thus leaving your vehicle with cancelled registration and unfinished transfers).
As your county clerk, I understand how valuable your time is and with the economy in the shape it is you do not want to make wasted trips to and from the clerk’s office to get your business done. I  know how important it is for the county clerk’s office to provide you with personal quality service. Tough times requires us to think of ways of saving and getting the most out of what we have. We all are under pressure to find solutions.  These are challenging times and we need to all work together to help each other.
In our effort to serve you our hours are as follows:
 Monday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Open during lunch.
You may renew your registrations on line at our web address: www. owencounty.ky.gov/clerk.