Letter to the editor: No pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

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We now have a month of 2012 gone and most our New Year’s resolutions already broken. I was driving on several county roads the other day and reflecting on Owen County’s past and thinking of our future.
As I drove and thought of all the personal agendas of various folks in Owen County and those from the outside that do and would take advantage of our citizens, I ask myself a question – Is there hope for our county?
I feel that I have failed in my effort to bring the county together. There are many positive efforts that we could agree on and work together for the good of all.
Many of you do this when you donate your time to volunteer organization for the improvement of Owen County. We must realize that there is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Money can not fix most of our problems. It can not fix the destruction of our families and the lack of role models for the youth of our community and a failure of out citizens to stand up against illegal activities in our county.
Just last week Jim Crawford, our commonwealth attorney, addressed our increasing drug problem. As adults, we must be willing to stand for the values and principles that have given us the freedom we have today. We can not buy commitment to our community and each other. You can not buy the sense of community or the feeling of community. This is something we feel deep in our heart or we do not.
My prayer for Owen County during 2012 is that we would all be open and honest with each other. That we could learn to respect each others opinions and accept the decisions voters make at the polls.
This brings me to the original purpose of my letter, to thank the Owen County District Extension Board for the payment of all of the “Welcome to Owen County” signs we now have on all of the major roads leading to Owen County.
This is a positive example of a special taxing district working with county government during a time of need. Our sings say “Welcome to Owen County -- Where Community Matters.”
Hopefully it will always matter.

Carolyn Keith
Owen County Judge-executive