Letter to the editor: Morgan appreciates concern after crash

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It’s great to live in Owen County!
I am so thankful that I get to live in Owen County. I have not lived anywhere else and have never wanted to. Owen County is a beautiful town with great scenery, great agriculture, and great people! If you ask me, I say this is the greatest town in the world! Owen County has always been home to me and recently I’ve been reminded that it is also a family.
Since my accident in July, I’ve been reminded of just how wonderful the people of Owen County are. I cannot say enough about how instrumental you all have been to my recovery, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I firmly believe that the professionalism, expertise, and quick response of the wonderful volunteers of New Liberty, Jonesville and Owen County Fire Departments; the Owen County Rescue squad, and the EMS, saved my life. I owe my recovery to the great doctors and nurses at the University of Kentucky and Cardinal Hill who did so much for me; along with my friends and family in Owen County who have brought gifts, get well cards, prayed for me, and have visited. I am convinced you have made a great difference in my recovery.
With a full heart and the utmost gratitude, I say “thank you Owen County.”
Rick Morgan