Letter to the Editor: More alcohol won’t help Owen County

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Many are concerned about the future of Owen County, the education of our children, and the hope of local jobs when they grow up — and at the same time – holding to our rural roots.
In trying to do this, there needs to be a tax-base and industry to provide money and opportunity for all this to happen. Many different people worked to get the gas line to the industrial park, don’t give up on that.
We need to be productive people, making products and providing services — not just a consumer-based people, consuming but really not doing much else. We also need to try to support established local businesses with our patronage.
Are the people pushing for a wet county thinking about the children’s future or just tax dollars and filling their pockets? They say we’re moist, so let’s go wet. Then maybe later they’ll say what about expanded gambling and then adult entertainment.
Only a few children extra will suffer consequences by these actions. What are a few kids? If you think Vegas is great, move there.
Hopefully, companies will move into the industrial park. Hopefully, handmade arts and crafts and farm produce from locals will continue to be at the farmers’ market and special events. I will admit, I don’t know all the answers.
I don’t believe alcohol will help anything. You may not go to Hell for drinking, but you may make those around you feel like they’re there. Sometimes doing the right thing doesn’t pay with fast returns. The blessings from the Lord Jesus Christ are more than worth the wait.

Brian T. Richards
Poplar Grove