Letter to the editor: Mayor calls on public for improvement ideas

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I would like to commend Debbie Sigretto for remodeling the front of her building where the clothing center and Spurgeon Law Firm are located. It looks much better and makes the town more attractive. Cassie Towles recently remodeled the front of her building at the corner of West Seminary and South Main with new windows, a front door and fresh paint.
Other information is that Jeff Wright is getting the old Simpson and Kelly drugstore and it is also going to be renovated. This is good news because if he hadn’t made the decision to renovate, we would have another parking lot downtown.
On Dec. 11, 2012 at 7 p.m., the City of Owenton is having a town meeting at the Owen County Courthouse to discuss any ideas the public has on what the city needs to do in the future that they want to see included in the comprehensive plan.
The statistics prove that the City of Owenton has been going downhill for the last 40 years. We welcome your ideas on what we can do to turn it around. So mark your calendar for Dec. 11 and make every effort to attend.

Horace “Doug” West
Owenton Mayor