Letter to the editor: Manor enhances our community

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Last week as I read the News-Herald and saw the back page, I was not only shocked, but appalled. A group of lawyers from West Virginia took out a full page ad to try to get some of us Owen countians to bring charges against our Owenton Manor.
Let me first say I have nothing to gain by defending the manor. None of my family either own or work there. My mother, Mayme Dunavent, has been a resident at the manor for seven years. My brother and I have been at the manor virtually every day. We have witnessed the care given, not just to our mom, but many others over the seven years on a daily basis.
I can assure you our manor is one of the finest in the country. We have watched as some of the most dedicated nurses and doctors have cared for the patients. The cleaning staff at the facility is remarkable. Someone once said that when you visit our manor, you may get run over by a cleaning person or hit by a buffer cleaning the floor. In addition, there is some form of entertainment provided for patients to enjoy every day.
Everyone knows when you run a business, school system, or household, not everything goes perfectly every day. When the manor has had any problems, they have worked quickly to make sure it was corrected.
I can’t help but wonder why a group of lawyers from West Virginia would be so interested in citing our manor in Owen County. Would it be because they care so much for us that it is a service to humanity? I also wonder how many papers across the country did they take out full page ads against nursing homes?
I would hate to see a great asset to our county being ruined by a group of outsiders who care less about us. What happens when our manor has to close from defending itself against these terrible threats?

Ronnie Dunavent