Letter to the editor: Livers was a musical giant

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I want to thank John Harrod for his editorial last week on Bill Livers. John knew Bill as both a friend and a fellow musician.
In my article on Bill a few weeks ago I in no way meant to downplay Bill’s fiddling accomplishments.. Obviously he was much admired for he performed in Nashville and entertained the president of the United States.
My article was the result of interviews not only with Bill’s nephew, Jim, but with others who knew and grew up with Bill. I also gleaned information from an entry featuring Bill in the Owen County Family History Book. It was in this article that Bill answered a person questioning his fiddling abilities with the statement that “it wasn’t  his fault as much as it was the fiddle’s.”
  What I wanted to illustrate was that fact that it’s not how one perceives the musical ability of a man that determines his worth. It’s how that man treats his fellow human beings and what he does to help them along the road of life. I think everyone will agree that in this area Bill Livers, the little fiddler from Long Ridge, was a giant.
Bonnie Strassell
Poplar Grove