Letter to the editor: Letter showed a distaste for the less fortunate

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I enjoy reading The News-Herald. When appearing, I especially enjoy letters to the editor. Some I find amusing, others informative. It is certainly a way to share local news and ideas. Some I agree with, others I don’t.
The letter appearing Oct. 10, 2012, “Time to Wake Up America” I found not only to be some sort of fairy tale, supposedly occurring in a college classroom, but a cowardly way of making a statement.
Now let me give the real reason I am writing this letter. “Time to Wake Up America” is the lowest form of degradation, comparing anyone receiving any type of government subsidies as a pig. Apparently ones receiving Social Security, SSI, veterans, families receiving food stamps, children health services, etc. are all wild pigs.
Once again, I find the letter absolutely deplorable, having nothing to do with communism or socialism, but only a total distaste for the less fortunate.

George Kramer