Letter to the editor: Letter reveals child’s concern over alcohol sales in Owen County

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I’m writing this editorial to share my view on the wet/dry issue. My main concern is for the children of Owen County. What is best for them? I have seen children in our county schools who live with tough situations at home. I believe that allowing stores to sell alcohol in our county will compound some of the problems these children have to deal with daily.
I have a letter from a child who has lived through some of the harsh realities of a parent who is intoxicated. I’m leaving this child’s name off the letter due to the divorce situation that he/she lives in:

Dear Citizens of Owen County,
Please vote against Owen County becoming a wet county, because a lot of people get wasted, crash and do stupid stuff. They cheat on their wives and abuse their kids. I know this because it happened in my family and I did not like it at all. Every night I would hear my dad yelling at my mom and throwing stuff at her and cussing her out. Now they are divorced.
Another reason is people don’t feel safe because people can get mad and do mean things like shooting people. If you were a family member of a normal person, you would not like to hear on the news of your family member being killed by a wasted person.
My concern is if people think that allowing Owen County to become wet would bring in more money for Owenton, you are wrong. Because all the money that stores made selling alcohol would have to be used to keep people safe, because when people get wasted they don’t know what they’re doing and can hurt people. The money will have to be used to pay the police officers.

A child of Owen County
P.S. If you don’t allow our county to become wet, you will keep kids like me safe.

In conclusion, I believe this letter says it all. We don’t need the sale of alcohol in Owen County. People need to remember that there are some things that are more important than money. The safety of our youth and children is one of those things.

Libby Banks