Letter to the editor: Let there be a lesson

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God did a good job creating Whitney Houston. She was beautiful, smart, and talented. At least, she reportedly sold 170 million records.
But somebody “hooked” her on drugs, I’m told. Someone, they say, taught that bright young lady to like alcohol. Wouldn’t you hate to be that first “somebody” that introduced Whitney to drugs and alcohol? And, wouldn’t it be awful to have given (sold) her the last dose?
Michael Jackson’s doctor may be innocent of a crime, but that family wants him to pay for any endangerment he might have brought.
Life is too short for questionable actions toward others.
Owen County used to be totally “dry.” But, before that, I’m told Owen County was “wet.” So several generations ago, (because of the problems alcohol caused) the people decided to prevent the sale of alcohol here. Those of us who have come lately often feel we know better than those predecessors. Do we?
We who have read Black Beauty and the Bible know that working seven days in one week brings a diminishing return. “You shall work six days,” God said. We often “forget” that God commanded us to observe his day of rest. Maybe it’s not enough to believe there is a God. He puts a premium on obeying him.

Martha McGibney