Letter to the editor: Leadership calls for diverse thinking

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The Owen County Community Leadership Program, offered by the Owen County Extension Council, held its second class Sept. 22.
The meeting focused on leadership and personality. Duane Kline and Cara Stewart gave examples of how understanding your personality affects your leadership style.  
Leadership energy is devoted to what motivates you. During this class we were able to explore our personality by taking the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II. We focused on the four dimensions: sensing/intuition (how you perceive information), thinking/feeling (how you make decisions), perception/judgmental (how you react to the outer world) and extrovert/introvert (where you get your energy).  
We began to see that while each member had his or her own unique personality, the differences were needed to build a great team. Each of us has a different frame of reference that affects how we look at the world and how we work with others.   
Isabel Briggs Myers, co-creator of the Myers Briggs Personality Test, states that “Whatever the circumstances of your life, the understanding of type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgments sounder and your life closer to your heart’s desire.”  

Faith Marksberry and Christy Ricketts