Letter to the editor: Keith will provide leadership

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By The Staff

There are some nasty rumors running around Owen County which are so untrue about Carolyn Keith. I hate it when dirty politics come into play but I guess that is how some candidates “toot their horn” thinking this will harm Mrs. Keith’s chance for re-election. Well … think again.

I have seen Carolyn Keith in action making difficult decisions, some of which there appears to not be a clear answer. She is honest, trustworthy, a doer and a follow-through kind of person. She is also the type of person who likes to jump in with both feet and make a difference because you can’t just sit around, put your feet upon the desk, and wait for things to happen. Carolyn is easily accessible to everyone inside Owen County, Frankfort and other communities. Anyone can reach her both day and night at her home phone and cell numbers. She has gotten people together where they would have never talked before about process, progress and procedures and how we can improve what is being done in both Owen County and statewide. As she has continuously stated, “We must not live in the past, but look to the future.” Her philosophy on life is to reach back, see what problems had previously occurred in Owen County and bring our county forward in fiscal, statewide programs, agriculture, tourism, regulations, security and strengthen our county’s information technology. Carolyn is passionate about her job as the current judge-executive and works tirelessly – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if necessary. She is truly a professional but is also a down-to-Earth person as well. She is a well-deserved candidate and a dedicated ambassador for Owen County.

I encourage each of you to vote for Carolyn Keith as Owen County judge-executive when you go to the polls on May 18. We need her expertise and friendly personality here in Owen County.

Shirley Caudill, Perry Park