Letter to the editor: Karsner's work deserves recognition

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I was selected to receive the donations for the Karsner Airfield Highway Marker and deposit them in the bank. I have seen firsthand how the people of Owen County and Kentucky have a heart for recording history.
It is awesome to read the donators’ names and the notes enclosed. They come from throughout our county and state, with other states represented also, and they are so generously donating funds for the erection of a highway marker at the site where Karsner Airfield once was located. I thank you.
Harry Clark Karsner brought aviation to Owen County. He was owner, operator and instructor, teaching the art of flying to students through the assistance of the GI Bill following WWII, as well as the local men of Owen County. It was a booming business from 1942-1946.
Clark was a devoted follower of the Lord throughout his life. In 1945, he erected a sign on the side of the airplane hanger, which is adjacent to the Old Cedar Baptist Church on Hwy. 127 near Monterey where he served the Lord, stating, “Christ Is The Answer.”
Clark, with evangelist Bro. Lewis Arnold of Nicholasville, broadcasted tape-recorded gospel messages from the sky. The tape also included the voice of soloist Sarah Jane (Gill), Clark’s wife. His “gospel plane” he named “Messenger to Ninevah.”
Those living today who were living between 1942 and 1959 will well remember the gospel message, “Repent and Be Saved; Time Is Short.” Many people were converted by hearing the messages, according to the letters Clark and his wife received telling of their conversions.
In 1959, H. Clark Karsner was appointed Kentucky State Aeronautics Commissioner by Gov. Albert B. Chandler.
As we honor Clark Karsner 40 years later, after his passing in 1971 at age 57, I believe he would have us know that he always considered witnessing for the Lord and serving his country as the “joy of his life.”

Margaret Alice Murphy