Letter to the editor: Karate isn’t the only martial art offered in the community

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By The Staff

I think it is great that Mr. and Mrs. Runion have started this karate program here in our community. It does give the kids who don’t want to play sports like football or baseball another thing to do.

But I don’t think it was fair that they act like they are the only martial arts program in Owen County.

I have had several students of the Owen County Judo team come to me today and ask why the Runions act like the judo club doesn’t exist.

I know that Mrs. Doris Beverly has been doing this for at least 10 years. She has done a wonderful job with these kids, mine included. All these students work very hard to go to nationals, state tournaments, Junior Olympics and judo camps. They travel to many different states for these events – New Mexico, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee and Indiana, just to name a few places.

They also, for the past three years, have had a tournament here at the high school, which I must say is a huge success and one of the best in the state.

I am surprised that the News-Herald didn’t mention this since the judo team has had them at the tournament and the team is always posting their tournament results in the paper.

These kids work all year to be their best and then they are completely overlooked. I don’t think this is fair to them or Mrs. Beverly.

I do hope Mr. and Mrs. Runion all the best success with their club but please don’t exclude a club that has worked their butts off to be where they are today.

Teresa Warren