Letter to the editor: Johnson will appeal to values voters

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Bill Johnson is running for Kentucky Secretary of State, the principal officer who oversees elections in Kentucky.
If elections are not fair, democracy becomes a sham. The next person elected Secretary of State will oversee the 2012 presidential election. In 2008, Acorn, an organization with close ties to President Obama, engaged in widespread (voter registration) fraud.
Bill Johnson’s opponent opposes requiring picture ID at the polls. No ID means groups like Acorn can transport the same voters from poll to poll.
Bill Johnson would give everyone a free picture ID who does not have one, using driver’s license making equipment in every courthouse, IDs can be made for pennies each, so it’s not a tax issue.
Bill Johnson totally opposes abortion.
Bill Johnson totally supports the Second Amendment.
There is one issue where Bill Johnson stands head and shoulders above even fine conservative candidates in other races — Israel.
Every politician, Republican or Democrat, claims to be pro-Israel. But where can you go to find a politician who has the courage to say, “I support Biblical borders for Israel” and has put it in print? Bill Johnson has.
Bill Johnson is a Christian man, not the kind who just says he is to get elected, but the kind who makes decisions based on the word of God and prayer.
While out campaigning with Bill Johnson, I received a cell phone call that a minister had a stroke. When I told Bill Johnson, we immediately prayed there in Bill’s pick-up. You can tell when a man is a praying man and when he is trying to pretend to be. Bill Johnson is a praying man.
Some say the Secretary of State does not control gun rights, abortion or Israel policy. True. But electing people with the right values to state offices makes it more likely that they will one day be elected to federal offices.

Thomas Byrd Lawhon Jr.