Letter to the editor: Hammond praised for work with ranch

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The Kentucky Sheriffs’ Boys and Girls Ranch would like to send a very special thank you to Owen County Sheriff Zemer Hammond for working so diligently and continuing his efforts to raise money for needy children in Kentucky. Most recently, Sheriff Hammond was instrumental in obtaining a very nice donation from a local contributor.
Thanks to this contribution and the continued support of Sheriff Hammond and his staff, along with the citizens of Owen County, the boys and girls ranch will continue to reach many hundreds of boys and girls through our summer camping program.
The camping program we provide for boys and girls from throughout Kentucky helps young people and changes their lives for the better. We strive to build each child’s esteem, moral character and teach them to have respect for themselves, others and law enforcement professionals.
To qualify to attend, children are between the ages of 8 and 11 and qualify for free/reduced meals through their school system. Since 1979, we have now served well over 30,000 boys and girls through our camping program.
We say thank you to Sheriff Hammond, his staff and our Owen County contributors for your support and continued endeavors to reach Kentucky’s youth.
Jerry Wagner
Executive director of Kentucky Sheriffs’ Boys & Girls Ranch