Letter to the editor: Government made the mess and must clean it up

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Hey, have you all seen that commercial where the little boy points into the bathroom and his proud momma rushes in and looks into the toilet expecting to see a potty training success only to realize that he’s done his business in the bathtub? Well, I’ve raised a houseful of kids and never had anything like that happen. Oh sure, there was an incident when one of our daughters squatted prettily in the litter box and announced that she was a kitty cat. Then, there was the time a son lifted his leg like our coonhound and peed into his shoe. I prefer to think of these as whimsy rather than true misbehavior. I never had anyone deliberately mess in the bathtub and proudly point it out, certainly no one as old as the boy in the commercial.
I expect the point of the ad was to tell us to roll up our sleeves, fork out some money on whatever they were selling and work our tails off cleaning up the mess. This brings me to the point of this little letter to my fellow Owen countians. Our government is kind of like the little boy in the commercial. It has dropped a big load on us and expects us to roll up our sleeves, work harder and pay more money to clean up their stinking mess. Not this ol’ country boy. I want to tell them to use the billions of dollars we’ve already given them and clean up their own dang mess.
The only way we can tell them is at the polls. I won’t presume to tell you who to vote for. I will only tell you that it’s more important now than ever before to do your homework and choose wisely. Most importantly, don’t be like the mom in the commercial and just keep on taking it or you’ll be mired down in poo so deep you’ll never get out. Believe me brothers and sisters, those bad boys are so full of it they’ll never run out. It’s time we showed them that there are consequences. I think a cut in allowance might be in order.

Bill Young