Letter to the editor: Follow the guidelines for better postal service

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As you may be aware, the postal service has automated the process of sorting and preparing mail for delivery. Our sophisticated machinery can now read written and printed words, enabling us to sort mail in the sequence of our post office section.
Mail that does not contain a post office box number is usually rejected or incorrectly sorted, causing delays.
In some cases, mail cannot be correctly identified to a particular box because we do not keep listings of customers by street address.
To avoid such delays and to provide you with the best possible service, we ask that you notify all your correspondents of the correct addressing of your mail. Below is an example of the proper addressing for a post office box address:
Your Name
Your Physical Address (optional)
P.O. Box #
City, state, zip code
Sometimes correspondents require a street address, but cannot accommodate more that one address line. In this case, an alternate addressing standard can be used as follows:

Your physical address, PO Box #
City, state, zip code

Your cooperation in this regard will ensure that mail is delivered promptly and accurately.

Sheila M. Downey
Owenton Postmaster