Letter to the editor: Environmental damage should be reported

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I have read with great interest the letter by Dr. Dwight Wallace concerning the damage that is being done to Mill Creek in Owen County by a specific motor sports business. This kind of activity truly concerns me since my husband and I also own property that has creeks on it. We have also experienced in past years, individuals on our creeks with four-wheel ATVs, cutting our fences, trespassing and destroying our property.
As you may know, our blue line creeks/streams are protected not only in the state of Kentucky, but also by federal mandate. You cannot in anyway desecrate, contaminate, change the course, erode the banks, do damage to the flora, fauna, nothing can be done to our natural streams/creeks with the exception of what mother nature may do.
I have personally seen the photos Dr. Wallace has taken of what has happened to the blue line creek, called Mill Creek that lays at the back of Dr. Wallace’s property, which also flows through Perry Park and into the Kentucky River.
Not only have I seen Dr. Wallace’s photos but I have also seen the extensive wanton damage/destruction through photos that this business has on their Facebook site.
I have been working closely with Dr. Wallace on this issue and I know that this has been turned into the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, Division of Water, and inspector Jeffrey Malsi has seen and recorded the damage firsthand from Dr. Wallace’s side of the creek.
I am grateful for the opportunity to address this very serious problem and to let those that have farms/land with blue line creeks and are having this problem know, you do have recourse by reporting it to the division of water either in Florence or Frankfort.
Often we forget that we share planet Earth with living creatures that cannot speak for themselves and depend on us humans to do the right thing. I hope those that own property anywhere in the state of Kentucky find this information useful and together we can stop this senseless act of destruction that is happening to our creeks and streams.

Katie Gibson