Letter to the editor: Election should rebuff corporate greed

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By The Staff

I hope that four to five years from now, we’re on our way to a strong recovery, based on the fact that a record number of voters embraced their rights and made an informed decision at the voting booth in 2010.  

There couldn’t be a more important election than this one.

The corporate power behind many of the candidates is not out of generosity, but out of greed and the need for control. 

If they gain that control through this election, we could see more jobs going overseas; energy innovation cease; minimum-wage laws eliminated; health care become a luxury; and financial control returned to Wall Street, banks and mortgage and insurance companies.  These corporations are supporting candidates who will return their financial favors with business favors and we need to know that and remember that.

A little research shows the huge, disproportionate, imbalance of contributions between Democratic candidates and Republican candidates.  

With Karl Rove and his cronies encouraging support from many of the undisclosed sponsors, some from overseas,  it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize his motives and why he is involved. Check out the funding for Crossroads America, U. S. Chamber of Commerce, etc.  Then ask yourself, why?

This is no longer an election between Democrats and Republicans, but an election between Democratic and corporate leadership for this country.  Our Supreme Court has unleashed a monster law that is threatening to devour our democracy and take away individual voter power.  If you think money doesn’t talk, just watch what happens if these corporate-controlled candidates are elected and how they repay their generous benefactors. 

I’ve always hated that “fear factor” tactic,  but right now, I think feeling apprehension for what is on our horizon is a good thing. 

I certainly do not want my great-grandchildren or your great-grandchildren to be a part of a third world country managed and controlled by corporate greed, greed which has already influenced a pitiful decline in this country’s standing.

Terry and Bonnie Smith